Rambling thoughts….

In a pluralistic society like India, the government of the day has a greater responsibility in avoiding disarray in governance. But this is precisely what the UPA  government headed by Dr Manmohan Singh is fostering by its considerable actions of commission and omission, both literally and metaphorically. It appears that the people of India are not fed up with media highlighting all burlesque happenings of politicians, civil societies and cricketers in a country where the game has a greater following. Some times it looks as if these diversionary focus is what keep the poor and middle class people entertained and oblivious to the stark reality that life on the ground is grinding to a halt. The role of governing class as also the media is rather quite unfortunate as both of them are not doing what is proper to inculcate the eternal values of life so that fripperies and frivolities that feed the frailties are not pandered to. It is time level-headed people realized the directionless and rudderless manner the country is ambling on, though it is touted to be an emerging economy with demographic dividend to take care of its fortunes in the years ahead. If right measures are not put in place before long, the prospects of the country and its potentials would remain left unaddressed and un-redressed to the detriment of its million people.