Travesty of Democracy

┬áThe unwritten understanding between civil society members and parliamentarians appears to have been jettisoned with the leader of Opposition in the lower house launching a tirade against the civil society on cleaning up the political system led by Anna Hazare. In a country where illiteracy is still predominant among millions, democracy has survived precisely on the strength of the political sagacity of the so-called poor masses who had not refused in the past to throw undeserving leaders out of power. It is time that people who cry coarse from the roof top to cleanse the system out of corrupt politicians did some soul-searching to set apart their devotion to developmental issues to make a qualitative difference to the environment in which legions of people live rather deplorably. Politicians of India know that when it comes to throwing them out for actions of omissions and commissions, both literally and figuratively, people across this diverse country had seldom hesitated to do so as their political instinct is too sharp to ignore only by some stubborn moron in the political landscape. So instead of forcing political parties to turn them against, civil society leaders should find a convincing route to help remove pettifogging players in society– both in politics and in administration so that the end result would be beneficial to all people.